The Cademix online course is designed to help individuals prepare for and succeed in academic or job interviews. The course covers the essential aspects of interview preparation, including researching the organization and the position, preparing for different types of interview questions, handling difficult questions and situations, and following up after the interview. It also includes tips and strategies for successful performance in academic or job interviews. Learners will gain valuable knowledge and skills to help them confidently navigate the interview process and achieve their academic or career goals.

What you should know when you move to Europe for the first time, residence regulations, visa and accommodation.

This guide is for current and prospective authors of preparing an article for Cademix Magazine . We will discuss the process, quality criteria, all the way to prepare images, SEO, readability optimizations and considerations for publishing the article in the Social Media.

Every thing you need to know to have an efficient start into the Cademix Career Autopilot Program. Here you will learn the details of Approach, methods, how to effective use the mentoring system, define the projects and request recommendation letters.